Warrior Wednesday

Wonder Woman (Diana)

Portrayed by Gal Gadot

wonder woman

Photo from Wonder Woman film (2017)

A few weeks ago I saw Wonder Woman and I was absolutely blown away. Diana (wonder woman) was done so well. Diana managed to be kickass, smart, and kind all at the same time. Diana is raised on an island of all women. These women are The Amazons. The Amazons are strong women and excellent fighters. The Amazons teach Diana how to fight (incredibly well) and they shape her into the wonderful (no pun intended) person that she is.

Throughout the movie Diana is constantly putting her life on the line to help innocents. Diana will not sit back and let injustice happen. Diana is admirable for her refusal to give up and her determination to do the right thing. She has so much faith in people and gives them the benefit of the doubt.

These are the reasons I admire Wonder Woman and why I have chosen her for this Warrior Wednesday.

gal gadot

Photo of Gal Gadot (year unknown)

Gal Gadot is 32 years old. She’s an Israeli model and actress.


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