Top 5 Harry Potter Puns

I obviously found all these on the internet and none of them belong to me. Enjoy!


Snape: “Headmaster, I’m afraid the Dark Lord has returned”.

Dumbledore: “Are you serious”?

Snape: “No, I’m Severus”.



My obsession with Harry Potter has gotten a bit….riddikulus.

It’s a Sirius problem.

There’s nothing Ron with that.

Keep up with these puns and you’ll get muggled.

Too bad because we’re Neville gonna stop.




“The second Harry Potter movie was really scary”.

“Yeah it really petrified me”.

chamber of secrets



James Potter is very deer to me.

Sirius Black is my home dog.


sirius black.gif


Frank Longbottom: “Can we talk about something serious”?

Sirius Black: “I’m always serious”.

FL: “Well, to be frank…”

S: “Seriously…”

FL: “Frankly…”

sirius black



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