Top 5 Superhero Movies

I’ve seen a fair amount of superhero movies but these are my favorites. Enjoy!

5.Avengers: Age of Ultron

age of ultron

I don’t exactly know what about this movie draws me in. It could be the commentary, the wit, the awkward and embarrassing humor, or the story, but I honestly don’t know. One thing I really enjoyed was that some of the movie took place in another country (like almost every other movie on this list). I think the CGI might have been one of my favorite parts. The whole set looked realistic (and not at all glamorized) to me which I love. While I’m not exactly sure why I love this movie so much, I know that I love it.

4.X-Men: Apocalypse


My favorite thing about X-Men is the characters. I love how every mutant (for the most part) has different abilities. I like seeing how it’s harder for some mutants to hide or control their powers. I also love seeing the range of abilities from cool to dangerous. I really love Alex Summers (even though we learned more about his character in X-Men: First Class). While the movie has the qualities of being funny and exciting like any other movie on this list the characters are what sets it apart for me.

3.Iron Man

iron man

This movie just makes me laugh. Like yeah it’s exciting and cool and whatever, but it’s funny. I’d like for Tony Stark to adopt me and to hook me up with a better phone. Honestly the advantages of living with Tony Stark would be amazing.

2.Wonder Woman

wonder woman

I love Wonder Woman for obvious reasons. One of my favorite things about this movie (besides Diana being a bad-ass) was the setting. Not only was the island at the beginning of the movie beautiful, it had an amazing atmosphere. The strong women everywhere created such a wonderful environment. Wonder Woman was done so well and I love it.

(I have high hopes for Justice League).

1.Spider-Man Homecoming

spiderman homecoming

This one may be a little biased because of my love for Tom Holland but I promise it’s a great movie. I made a list of five things I love about Spider-Man: Homecoming (which you should definitely go check out) but it’s overall such a great movie. It’s funny, exciting, and features Tom Holland who can actually pass as a teenager.

(This post was not proof-read)



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