Top 5 Superhero Movies

I’ve seen a fair amount of superhero movies but these are my favorites. Enjoy!

5.Avengers: Age of Ultron

age of ultron

I don’t exactly know what about this movie draws me in. It could be the commentary, the wit, the awkward and embarrassing humor, or the story, but I honestly don’t know. One thing I really enjoyed was that┬ásome of┬áthe movie took place in another country (like almost every other movie on this list). I think the CGI might have been one of my favorite parts. The whole set looked realistic (and not at all glamorized) to me which I love. While I’m not exactly sure why I love this movie so much, I know that I love it. Continue reading “Top 5 Superhero Movies”


5 Things I Love About Spider-Man: Homecoming

5. The End Credits Scene

While it wasn’t the best end credits scene in the world it still made me laugh. It was simple and it connected to the rest of the movie. It gave the movie the feeling of coming full circle.

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